God Sent Me To A Liquor Store

by Aaron Seaney

I planned on writing a blog on the first day of school but life has swept me into this new crazy adventure and I have just been a little too busy. But now I am here to share my first testimony!!! I am hoping I will be able to write many more of these testimonies to share what God is doing in Northern Colorado through this school!

So the first week of class was amazing! We have been hearing from all the pastors of the church and just getting to know the staff. The power of testimony is so amazing as I have learned so much about ministry from these pastors who don’t just teach ministry (which is not bad)…but instead live it. When you hear the stories of people and the things they have seen God do in their life you can’t help but be stirred by the spirit and understand he can do the same for you. So that is why I will be sharing testimonies. My hope is that you will see what God is doing in others lives and be stirred to ask him to do the same in your life!

Week two has been a little different as we have the Power and Love conference going on at Rez! It is an amazing time with these awesome guest speakers who do this conference all over the world teaching people about the love of Jesus, but more importantly the power his love holds (hence the name…). But as all things Rez does it is more hands on and not just teaching. So between every session we are given a couple hours for lunch and dinner to go out into the community and just pray for people we meet on the streets. Well tonight me and two friends from school were trying to decide where to go when my awesome friend Hannah said “let’s go to the cappuccino corner, it’s a small coffee shop out on the Windsor exit” and so we went! When we got there though it turns out that the little coffee shop had closed, not sure what to do we circled the parking lot a couple times and joked about going in the Liquor Store when Hannah again said “let’s pull over and just ask what God wants” (she is super awesome like that). So I pull over and she prayed this simple prayer “God show us what you want” and we sat in silence to listen.

While in silent prayer I hear “Go to the liquor store”. For those that know me they know I like beer, so I assumed it was me and not God. So I start pressing God a bit more and prayed “What about Arby’s” and I hear again “Go to the liquor store.” and I did this three times before finally I said “This is weird but honestly I just think we need to go to the liquor store” Hannah immediately said “me to!” So sure enough…that’s where we went. We walk in and the place is empty….I’m shocked and not sure what to do but Hannah suggests we start praying for the building and asking God to bring a new light to the place. So I walk up and down the isles praying for a few minutes as does every one else I am with and then soon after an older Hispanic gentlemen walks in with his friend and he is wearing a knee brace! I run over to my friends and I’m like “look! Knee Brace!” When you get excited you speak so intelligently….and Trina just says “I saw him too! do we pray for him here….do we wait till he goes out side…?” and like an awkward Jr. High kid asking a girl to dance I respond “I don’t know!” Me being the crazy out going one Trina says “I’ll follow your lead” so I walk up to him and he sees me and says hi and I ask bluntly “What happened to your knee?”

While his buddy checked out he explained that he had fallen off a ladder at work two weeks ago and it had messed up his knee. I held the door open and walked out and he said he was doing better but it still hurt after a long day of work. So doing what we were told to do I asked him if we could pray for him. This made me nervous because you never know what peoples responses will be. I’m happy to say this dudes face lit up like a Christmas tree and replied with “Yeah man!! That would be awesome!!” So then we asked if we could touch his knee and prayed a short-ish prayer of healing. I say short-ish because just like this blog I tend to ramble. Anyways, Hannah asked him if he felt any difference afterwards  and he said “Yeah. It does feel a little better”. He could have been amusing us but I don’t care. I know God touched his life.

What was equally awesome though was I hear this voice behind me right after we say amen say “Can I get some of that” and it was a guy with a cane and a knee brace on the same leg!!! We obviously responded with an “absolutely!” but before we could pray he said “I was just kidding…I’m ok.” and while he denied prayer I believe that him witnessing God move in another’s life will mark his heart with the holy spirit! I’m not discouraged by his rejection of prayer because I know God was there and that things were shifting in his heart. Oh yeah….and we still prayed for him! 🙂

Soooo that’s how school is going! God is showing up and shaking things up every class! It is amazing! I know I usually end this asking for discussion and while not a lot of people seem to respond to that I would say this: If you want to share an experience where God totally showed up in a random place than awesome! If not then that’s ok too! Thanks for reading and being awesome! God loves you!