Tell Me About Jesus

by Aaron Seaney

“Tell me about Jesus.” That is what I read on my screen this afternoon. A simple phrase coming from a friend who had reached a point that they wanted to know more. I stared at the Facebook message for 10 minutes….like some one had slapped me in the face out of no where. Eyes wide, jaw on the floor. “This evangelism thing is great in theory..but uh, here we go?” I thought.  My initial reaction, I admit, was not one of my finer moments…..”Uhhh what do you want to know? And is this genuine interest or are you mocking me?”

“Way to go Seaney…..nailed it” I thought sarcastically to my self. Here I am getting ready to go to school to become a missionary and pastor and I have no immediate answer. My whole future is going to be based off talking to people about this single statement….and they won’t always be wanting to hear it! This person is here, asking me! Giving me the opening! And wham….stage fright. Luckily a second slap came across the face. Jesus. He was like “Dude. I got this.” Thank God for that. I realized that I don’t have to dress up Jesus. I don’t have to sell Jesus. I think with the career I am in it becomes my knee jerk reaction to sell people on things. But the fact is by trying to change Jesus I will only inevitably make him worse. So I told her exactly why I hang out with Jesus, why I act clamorously foolish in public for him, why I can hardly post anything else on facebook these days. I basically said (edited to fit the blog of course):”Jesus is some one who loves you Sarah, and and not in a cheesy church song way but in a super real, passionate and change your life sort of way. He is at your doorstep begging to be let in. Arms wide open saying ‘You are perfect how you are, and I love you’.  I can also tell you that if you let him into your life and start following him you will be on one heck of a ride. He has such amazing plans for you; plans to change other peoples lives and show him self to so many people through you.”

She explained her fears were that she didn’t know if she could be the “right kind of Christian” and that it seemed like she’s been struggling with everything society keeps throwing at her. She even went as far as saying  “I feel like Jesus is the kind of person I want to know & aspire to be like. But I feel like what I’m seeing in society is religion is an exclusive club that has all these rules & if I don’t do as they say I’m not allowed in.” Sadly this is how many people feel. But I am going to share with you a secret that I shared with her. Jesus came to love everybody! And when I say everybody…I mean the conservative republicans who are pro life……AND the liberal democrats who are pro choice! He came to love Christians who struggle with porn addiction…….AND homosexuals! See the thing about Jesus is he doesn’t come with a rule book and he doesn’t discriminate! He comes with freedom! Freedom from shame, freedom from guilt, and embarrassment. Freedom from judgement. We are all broken and imperfect. But that is the power of Christ. That is what makes him above me and my agenda, its what makes him the name above all names. He is bigger than any disease but we need to remember that he is bigger than any sin too!

However this relationship comes at a price. It also frees you from worry about praying for people in public, talking to people, taking genuine interest in a strangers life, and crying and hurting with people. See when you open your heart to Jesus he will come in and he will clean house. He will get rid of the dirt and filth and open up room for his love, but very quickly that love will be overflowing, and flowing out into the world. You will want to throw your doors open and let any one in and let them stay! You will want to love on the unloveable and society will reject you for it. But its ok because when you come to a point that you can survive with Jesus as your only friend you will find he will give you many more friends in your life to support you. People who are cheering you on as you fight the good fight, and fighting along side you. He will also give you friends who don’t agree with you, and you will be able to love them and help shift their views and help them see that Jesus isn’t a rule book too, and you will be able to share that same love and will erase any misconceptions.  He is cool like that.

So that is a longer version of the Jesus I told Sarah about. I didn’t do anything, God led the conversation and opened the doors. I am thankful that I was his vessel but to his name be the glory! I’m so happy and overwhelmed with joy to say that we prayed a prayer of salvation together (social media ministry at it’s finest!) and she is now apart of this amazing family in Christ! This is the Jesus I know. This is the Jesus that talks to me and fills me with joy on a daily basis. So today I ask for two things:

1. If you are a non believer reading this and you have more questions find some one who is a believer and start asking questions. Start digging. Find your answers. If you want me to be that person that is great. E-Mail, facebook, or text me. I would be happy to share what I know, as little as that is. If you are a non believer and just read this and you feel God pulling on your heart and you know this is it, that you want a relationship with Jesus, and you want to be filled with that love then don’t wait. Just pray this simple prayer: “Jesus, I know I am a sinner, I know that I am broken and imperfect, but I ask you into my heart, and into my life to make me whole. I desire a relationship with you, to know you, intimately and deeply. I ask that you show your glory and love to me and stay with me, guiding my life every step of the way forever and ever. Amen”

2. If you are a believer than please A. Pray for the non believers that you know, and make sure you are loving them and just being real with them. God will open the door to share Jesus. I promise. There is no need to run around the streets with a sign warning people of hell. Seriously. B. Please comment below and “Tell me about Jesus.” You never know. Your testimony might just be the thing that brings someone to Christ.